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Esos flagging off


The Ministry of Labour as part of its mandate in providing up to date Labour market information is conducting an Employer Skills and Occupations Survey in collaboration with Kenya National Bureau of Statistics as from the 1st of June to 15th July, 2022.

The Employer Skills and Occupations Survey (ESOS) is expected to respond to data and information gaps on existing occupations and skills in demand in the labour Market. The survey will be undertaken in sampled Firms/Establishments spread across the 47 counties and questions asked will focus on among others:

i. Skills and occupations in demand;

ii. Hard to fill occupations and;

iii. Identifying attendant skills gaps across various occupations.

ESOS will help in defining the type, level and composition of skills that individuals need to perform the work demanded by enterprises. It will therefore be main data source of employment structure by Industry, occupation, qualification etc.

The findings will among others:

i. Be disseminated for use by curriculum developers to enable them design courses that produce skills needed by the market;

ii. Allow the youth make informed career choices-based occupations in demand in the labour market and;

iii. Guide policy development. In this regard, the Ministry appeals to all employers to cooperate with the ESOS 2022 data collection officials in order to make the survey a success.

The information provided will be handled with utmost confidentiality as provided for in the Statistics Act 2006 and will only be used for statistical purposes.

For any enquiries please feel free to contact the Ministry through the provided details:

Physical address: N.S.S.F Building Complex, Block B 14th Floor; Bishops Road Nairobi, Kenya or Principal Secretary,

Ministry of Labour, Kenya, P.O BOX 40326-00100 Nairobi, Kenya

Telephone +254 202726497/+254 202729800

Email: and