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Kenya Launches The Standard Industrial Classification (Kesic) Document

Kenya has launched the Kenya Standard Industrial Classification of all Economic Activities (KeSIC) document that will be used as a tool to collect, analyse and report on economic activities.

Labour Cabinet Secretary, Simon Chelugui, said, the document is domestication of the International Standards Industrial Classification Standards (ISIC) that will focus on the realities of Kenya’s economic settings While launching the document at the Sawela Lodge in Naivasha, Mr Chelugui said, agencies offering registration services at both national and devolved levels will be required to use the document as a reference document for statistical and administrative application.

Mr Chelugui said the document would be converted into a user-friendly ICT format and directed the Department for the National Human Resource Planning and Development (NHRPD) to upload the document on to the Kenya Labour Market Information System (KLMIS) and the Ministry’s websites for accessibility.

The Cabinet Secretary said, increased creased usage in analysis of various statistical data is expected after the launch of the tool to facilitate economic analysis, decision making and policy- formation in different institutions.

He observed that the Ministry will use the document to collect and analyse data and that will show the necessary labour market indicator. Mr Chelugui directed the NHRPD to organise sensitization forums for stakeholders for them to start using the tool.