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The National Productivity and Competitiveness Centre (NPCC) was established in 2002 as the National Productivity Organization (NPO) with the mandate of promoting productivity management to enhance the Country’s economic growth and competitiveness. The Centre implements productivity improvement activities countrywide at national and county levels for public and private sector organizations and companies. In a nutshell, implementation of productivity improvement programmes and enhancement of competitiveness is the Centre’s core business.

NPCC is a Department under the State Department for Labour in the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection  and was previously known as “Productivity Centre of Kenya” until mid 2016 when Executive Order No. 1 of May 2016 changed the name to “National Productivity and Competitiveness Centre” (NPCC).


To be a centre of excellence for productivity management in Kenya


To promote best practices in the public and private sector and enhance factor productivity and competitiveness

Mandate of NPCC

The mandate of NPCC is “National  Labour Productivity and Competitiveness”and is anchored on;

✓Sessional Paper No. 3 of 2013 on “National Productivity Policy” which was approved by the National Assembly on 4th  August2015

✓Executive Order No. 1 of May 2016

✓ Executive Order No. 1 of June, 2018

Core Functions

NPCC executes its mandate through the following core functions:-

  • Spearhead productivity movement in the country through awareness creation aimed at inculcating a culture of productivity in Kenya.
  • Productivity measurement at the national, sectoral and firm level to develop various productivity indices.
  • Implement productivity improvement programmes in public and private sector organizations aimed at enhancing their profitability and competitiveness.
  • Enhancing the country’s competitiveness through implementation of productivity improvement programmes. The Centre is in the process of developing a strategy that will guide competitiveness enhancement activities in the country.
  • Acquire, process and disseminate relevant productivity information q Influence policies affecting issues of productivity and competitiveness in Kenya.

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Contact Information

National Productivity and Competitiveness Centre,

NSSF Building , BLOCK C,  5THFLOOR, Bishop Road,

P.O Box 5078-00200,


Telephone No. 020600537

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