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ILO members with the PS

PS together with the members of the labour migration sector during a meeting

PS for State Department of Labour and Skills Development  Hon Geoffrey Kaituko  today held a consultive discussion with members of the Labour Migration Sector regarding matters the labour migration. 

The sector stakeholders include National Industrial Training Authority - NITA , National Employment Authority_Ke  (NEA), ASMAK, KAPPEA, Office of the labour commissioner and Home care training Institutions representative among others. 

Among issues deliberated were the need for quality pre-departure training for consumer destinations, training of trainers, good working relationships among stakeholders in the labour migration sector, understanding of the Labour Migration Bilateral Agreement, placing of a migrant desk at the Airport for purposes of data collection and accountability of labour migrants and Export of professional labour migrants to destinations such as UK, US, Canada, Australia etc among others.

In this regard, the PS asked members to embrace each other and work together for the betterment of the labour market and serving Kenyans at large.

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