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A globally competitive workforce


To promote decent work, skills development and sustainable job creation

Strategic objectives

  1. To inculcate a safety and health culture in work places;
  2. To promote harmonious labour relations, social dialogue and fair labour practices;
  3. To provide policy guidance on national human resource planning, development and utilization;
  4. To promote productivity and enhance competitiveness;
  5. To ensure adequate supply of relevant skills to industry;
  6. To develop, implement and review labour market policies, legislation and programmes for employment and sustainable job creation;
  7. To enhance efficiency, equity, transparency and accountability in results–based service delivery; and
  8. To improve service delivery and coordination of the State Department’s functions, programmes and activities.

Mandate of the State Department

Executive order no.1 of 2018(Revised) on Organization  of the Government of the Republic of Kenya gives the mandate of the State Department for Labour as follows;

  1. National Labour and Employment Policy Management;
  2. Industrial Training;
  3. National Labour Productivity and Competitiveness;
  4. National Human Planning and Development;
  5. Child Labour Policy and Regulations management;
  6. Develop and maintain a Database on Employment Creation;
  7. Migratory Labour and International Jobs Policy;
  8. Workplace inspection;
  9. Workman’s Inspection;
  10. Promotion of Occupational Health and Safety at Work; and
  11. Industrial Relations Management.

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