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Directorate of Occupational Safety & Health Services (DOSHS)


The mandate of the Directorate is to ensure compliance with the provisions of the Occupational safety and health Act 2007 and promote safety and health of workers.

Mission statement

To promote a safe and health workplace by implementing effective systems for the prevention of Occupational diseases, ill health accidents and damage to property in order to reduce the cost of production and improve productivity in all sectors of our economic activities

Core functions include

  • Inspecting workplaces to ensure compliance with safety and health law
  • Examination and testing of steam boilers, air & steam receivers, gas cylinders, lifts, cranes chains and other lifting equipment
  • Measurements of workplace pollutants for purposes of their control
  • Investigation of occupational accidents and diseases with a view to preventing recurrence
  • Medical examinations of workers
  • Training on Occupational safety and health, first aid and fire safety
  • Approving architectural plans of building intended for use as workplaces
  • Disseminating information on occupational safety and health to customers

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Directorate of Occupational Safety and Health Services (DOSHS)

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