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Labour Department

The Labour Department is the Ministry’s focal point agency responsible for implementation of the three major Labour Laws; namely:

This is done through formulation and implementation of the National Labour Legislation and policy through the National Labour Board and sectoral wages councils as well as the National Tripartite Consultative Council.

The Department is also responsible for operationalizing the tripartite mechanism in handling labour issues through a tripartite dialogue process which involves consultation between workers, employers and government representatives.   

VISION OF THE DEPARTMENT : To be the lead agency in the promotion of Decent Work for All

MISSION OF THE DEPARTMENT: To formulate, coordinate and implement sound labour and employment policies for the attainment of social justice, industrial peace and enabling environment for employment creation


  1. Promotion of  harmonious industrial  labour relations, social dialogue and fair labour practices
  2. Promotion of fundamental principles and rights at work.

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