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    Kenya is set to conduct Child Labour Survey this year after 15 years. This was deliberated in a meeting attended by the Principal Secretary for labour and skills Development, Hon Geoffrey Kaituko, Delegation from the European Union in Kenya, representatives from the International Labour Organization (ILO), officers from the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) and representatives from the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection.

  • PS together with the members of the labour migration sector during a meeting

    PS for State Department of Labour and Skills Development  Hon Geoffrey Kaituko  today held a consultive discussion with members of the Labour Migration Sector regarding matters the labour migration. 

    The sector stakeholders include National Industrial Training Authority - NITA , National Employment Authority_Ke  (NEA), ASMAK, KAPPEA, Office of the labour commissioner and Home care training Institutions representative among others. 

  • PS Geoffrey Kaituko during a session with the Parliamentary Departmental Committee on Labour

    The PS State Department of Labor and Skills Development  Geoffrey Kaituko today appeared before the The Parliamentary Departmental Committee on Labour to deliberate matters regarding consideration of budget allocation for the financial year 2023/24. 

    The state department has so far two new projects named the The Labour Migration and Export Programme and The Construction of the Kenya Post Training Institute.

    The PS also requested and appealed for additional support from the committee in the following areas:

  • New hope for labour migrant workers, as PS meets Agencies and Home Care Training Institutions

    Hon. Geoffrey Kaituko, Principal Secretary of the State Department for Labour and Skills Development chaired a meeting with Private Recruitment Agencies and Homecare training providers.

  • Manufacturing (Technical and Craft) Occupations Validation Session.

    The State Department for Labour and Skills Development is Validating Occupations in the Manufacturing Industry for Technical and Craft between 13th and 16th December 2022.