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Labour and Skill Development Labour and Skill Development
Labour and Skill Development

The State Department of Labour was established following the reorganization of Government in May, 2016. The State Department is one of the two State Departments under the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection. The State Department has existed in various forms since independence in 1963.......

Huduma Zetu

Our Key Services

Provision of Labour Information

Entails collecting and analysing data on manpower supply and demand from local institutions and establishments

Handling of Labour Disputes

By ensuring co-operation of workers, trade unions and employers and adherence to provisions of the labour laws.

Occupational Safety and Health Services

Through provision of medical examination of workers, processing work injury benefits, training on occupational safety and health.

Registration of Trade Unions

The process of registering a trade union takes six months and is provided for in sections 12, 13 and 14 of the Labour Relations Act, 2007, Laws of Kenya.

Productivity Improvement

National Productivity and Competitiveness Centre implements productivity improvement activities countrywide at National and County levels for Public and Private sector organizations and companies.

Foreign Contracts of Service/Attestation

It refers to the authentication of a Foreign Job Contract by a Labour Officer before travel to the country of employment.

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