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OSH Conference guidelines 2024
OSH Awards 2024 Guidelines
Application_Form OSH Awards 2024
Application_Form Fire safety Competition 2024
2024 Self Assessment Questionnairre for OSH awards
DOSH 20 Notice of use of Hoist or lift form
DOSH 1 Accident Notification form 2018
DOSH 23 Revised 2018 Workplace Self-Assessment Report Form
DOSH 21B Revised 2018 Workplace Renewal
DOSH 21A Revised 2018 Workplace Registration
Dosh 34 Rev 2018 Bcr Self-Assessment Form
DOSH 30 Rev 2018 BCR appointment safety sup
DOSH 25B Rev 2018 BCR Renewal form
DOSH 25 A Revised 2018 BCR Registration form
DOSH 26 Application Form Approved Plant Examiner
DOSH 16 Application Form Fire Safety Auditor
DOSH 15 Application Form Air Quality Monitor
DOSH 8 Application Form DHP
DOSH 3B Renewal Form Approved Trainers
DOSH 3A 2018 Application Form Trainer
DOSH 2B Renewal Form ALL Approved Persons
DOSH 2A Application Form Safety Adviser
DOSH 1 Accident Notification form 2018
Form of Objection Appeal- OSH/WIBA/12