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Handling of Labour Disputes

Handling of Labour Disputes


All Labour Disputes are settled through Conciliation process as follows: - Individual Complains/ non-union complainants The complaint is reported to the area Labour Officer and registered in a prescribed Form-LD 64 after the complainant has been interviewed.

After 7 days and the complaint have not been settled the labour officer will call both the complainant and the employer for a conciliation meeting.

  • If both parties agree on the claims the complainant is paid and an agreement is signed.
  • If there is disagreement the officer can call for another meeting and pursue the parties to agree on the claims as per the law. In case the employer is not attending the meetings, the officer will do a demand notice and calculate the claims and send to the employer for payment. Trade Dispute Conciliations
  • The dispute is reported to the Cabinet Secretary (Minister) for Labour by the aggrieved party, and the other party is also served with a copy
  • The Chief Industrial Relations Officer (CIRO) appoints a Conciliator
  • The appointed conciliator is required to finalize conciliation within 90 days or any other extension as agreed by the parties
  • Any issues agreed on must be signed by the parties and witnessed by the Conciliator.
  • If no agreement is reached, the conciliator prepares a a report on the submissions of both parties comes with findings and recommendations. The report will enable the parties to refer the matters to the Employment and Labour Relations Court